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An Inaugural Event:  Together We are Shahidah ZENXIN – Shahidah’s Managing Director Mr. Ayoob Yacoob Angullia with ZENXIN’s Executive Director Mr. Tai Seng Yee at the signing of MOU

Who Shahidah ZENXIN offers to?

Shahidah Travel & Tours Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1990 as a premium Hajj and Umrah service provider meeting the needs of the discerning Muslims who wants to achieve success in life with a journey of purity. Throughout our nearly 30 years we have served over 50,000 satisfied pilgrims with annual turnover of over S$12 million. Many of our pilgrims are generational family from grandparents till now we are serving their grandchildren. Our attention to detail has help us to achieved success in acquiring a reputation of providing a quality service with our tradition of warmth and trust.

Shahidah’s vision for a healthy Muslim society that is physically and mentally fit began in 2018 when we introduced the healthy porridge bowl “Oatsome” to our community. In 2020, we introduced the Wholesome Goodness Breakfast Bundle and our range of Sunnah superfood.
The Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (S.A.W) is the best health advice you will ever need – “Eat healthy, feel great about yourself, prevent diseases and stay physically and mentally fit”. The sunnah foods (food which Prophet Muhammad S.A.W liked and ate) should be a part of our everyday lives.
In our search of growing our range of natural wholesome foods, we were introduced to ZENXIN Agri-Organic Food Pte Ltd. ZENXIN is your trusted home delivery service propelled by ZENXIN Organic Food Singapore. Offering a wide spectrum of more than 200 types of fresh produce and more than 400 types of dried goods, we always have surprising treats as you build your organic journey. 32,000 users are registered with us and we are growing organically by day!
The partnership between Shahidah and ZENXIN is a great opportunity for both companies to reach out to the community and introduce the goodness of natural organic food. We are Shahidah ZENXIN! Together we strive to provide the absolute best in wholesome organic food to you and your loved ones.

What Shahidah ZENXIN offers?

Shahidah ZENXIN is a farm-to-table delivery service offered in 2020, carrying our own ZENXIN‘s fresh produce, in-house Simply Natural organic wholesome food brand and globally sourced premium natural products. Shahidah ZENXIN products are from domestic and international certified suppliers, with over 95% of our 350+ products being certified organic by NASAA or USDA. Shahidah ZENXIN products are also clearly labelled: certified organic products have “organic” in its name or relevant certification status.

We believe everyone should have access to healthy and reliable food sources, at affordable prices and convenience.  Jom! Makan Sihat!

Organic Certificates

Our Organic Network

Since 2001, ZENXIN has been a trusted source of organically-grown vegetables and fruits in Malaysia & Singapore. We offer 60+ types of fresh produce and 350+ dry goods to over 70 supermarkets and 100 dealers across the nation. We grow our tropical crops in Malaysia and Thailand, and source seasonal temperate crops alternatively from the northern & southern hemispheres.

Furthermore, since 2008 the ZENXIN production chain is certified organic by NASAA Australia, which is accredited by IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). Our compost factory is Certified Organic Input Manufacturer, our farms are Certified Organic Producers and our processing houses are Certified, Organic Processors.


Halal Certificates